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There’s A Worm in My Apple


Have you ever wondered how a worm gets inside of an apple? Don’t worry if you haven’t. I never did either. I just assumed it ate its way in. But it’s actually the opposite. Before an apple becomes an apple and before a worm becomes a worm, they collide. An egg of a worm is laid inside the apple blossom. As the apple grows, so does the worm. Eventually, the worm will eat its way out.

In this illustration, picture your heart like the apple. Sin is the worm. Hidden deep within where no one can see. From the outward appearance of the apple, everything looks wonderful. It is perfect in every way. No one would ever suspect any different. Without cutting the apple open and inspecting the heart of the fruit, the worm goes unnoticed.

Sin has that same effect on us. We often don’t realize it’s there until it has destroyed, ate up, and made a mess of our lives. It could be anything…impure thoughts, wrong motives, jealousy, selfish ambition, pride, bitterness, anger. Big or small, the list of things could go on. And anything we do not recognize, dig out, and surrender to The Lord is left to grow. How many times does our outward appearance reflect something completely opposite than what our heart does. We are blind to who we really are. And we neglect the most important area.

Our heart.

King David in the Bible was labeled “a man after God’s own heart”. Did he earn this title from his good works? From perfection? Absolutely not. If you study his life, he made some major mistakes. He committed sin. But, God was looking at his heart. David sought The Lord. He lived a lifestyle of continual worship. And he repented of his sins. God was not looking for, nor expecting perfection. He already knew ahead of time that David would fail. He used him anyways.

The same goes for us today. I’m so glad that The Lord does not give me the punishment I deserve and that He wants to use me (in spite of me)!! I have failed Him countless times and He knows I will again. He is after my heart. He’s not after my community service, my acts of kindness, or anything else I may try to do to please Him. He is a loving Father who is seeking an all consuming relationship with His children. So many times when I don’t know what to pray, I simply say….”Change my heart”. “Make me more like you”. I don’t want to be blind or unaware to the things in my heart that need to change. We need a revelation of ourselves and who Jesus Christ really is. I want to have a heart after God. That day in and day out, my heart would be pursuing and asking for more of Him. Let us not neglect the most important thing. But, let us ask Him to reveal the hidden “worms” in our lives.

Proverbs 4:23 says “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life”.