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Selfless in a Selfie World


Selfies. We’ve all seen them. A lot of us have taken them. Young and old, this trend has swept across the world. Like it or not, it’s something that will only increase. A couple weeks ago, I had taken the kids swimming. While we were there, I noticed a young girl who looked to be about 14 taking pictures of her self in her bathing suit. As a mother, I couldn’t help but notice. And honestly, it broke my heart. What I really wanted to do was to tell her that she was worth more than that. But she’s not the only one. She just caught my attention.

My intention here is not to debate taking pictures of ones self or to discuss modesty. The term “selfie” defines our culture, not just self portraits. We live in a world that encourages it. The Lord has really been dealing with me about becoming totally selfless. Through this process, my attention has been shifted to how selfish we as humans can me. And I would be at the top of the list.

The world we live in today is screaming at us 24/7…..Every where I go I see signs and shirts that say “Do what makes you happy”, “Do what you love”, “Follow your own path”. As long as you are happy and doing what you love, it’s acceptable. There is no accountability. No consequences. No concern for our fellow man or woman. We are taught that our happiness is what really matters. This is totally contrary to the Word of God. There are so many scriptures that tell us the exact opposite. Our life is not our own. We must not follow our own path, for that leads to destruction. As humans, we are born with sin in our hearts. If my own evil desired ruled my life and my choices, I would care only about myself. My well being. How can the situation benefit me?

When I became a mom, I remember being totally bombarded with this. I never realized how selfish I was until I had a child to care for around the clock. Overnight, my own needs and wants quickly took a backseat. Or a flying leap off of a cliff. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. It was a wonderful opportunity for my own personal growth and to allow The Lord to chip away at my selfishness. Now I didn’t change overnight and I still have a long ways to go. But God can begin to change us and mold us, when we stop and recognize our sin. When we repent and ask God to intervene. When we want to change.

This is something we have to walk out daily. It’s something we fight for! We are to crucify our flesh daily (aka…our own wants and desires). We are instructed to put on the mindset of Christ, to renew ourselves daily by His Word, and to be the light in the darkness. I don’t know about you, but my light shines a lot more dim when I’m focused on myself. When I’m so wrapped up in my own circumstances that I’m too busy to notice someone else’s. When I’m too busy praying for my own needs that I neglect to pray for others. I fall so short and get caught up in every day life way too often. But, I am constantly feeling Him pull me back. In my day to day activities, He’s reminding me of this lesson. It’s that still small voice, quietly saying “you need more of Me”.

I want that. More of Him and less of me. A lot less of me. I want that for my kids. For my family. That we wouldn’t be swept away by the onslaught of selfishness. But that we would seek Him and His Kingdom in all that we do.

Jesus was the ultimate example of selflessness…..Matthew 20:28 “Even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as ransom for many.”

Do you feel this way? Has The Lord ever reminded you of this? I’d love to hear your comments. God bless!

Here are my little selfies….