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Jesus Move


Have you ever been desperate? I’m not talking about desperate for a date, but desperate in a situation. Maybe through circumstances or problems you are facing, you are searching for answers only to find none. The need is so great, you can’t deal with it on your own. Maybe you have tried to remain in control and handle it, but it’s just too big. Overwhelming. Impossible. We’ve all been there. I know I have. Big or small, when you are going through a trial, it can become your world.

Lately, I found myself trapped in a world of uncertainty. It seems that just when I get ahead, some new problem arises and I’m left mystified (I’ll spare you the details and drama). It’s crazy how we as humans can be so victorious one minute and then completely a mess the next. Honestly speaking, I hate being that way. But the lesson I find The Lord repeating in my life lately is this….Every new situation and problem is a new chance to lean on Him. To trust Him. To fully surrender and depend on Him alone. To release my control and give it all to Him. Because some things, He equips us to fight and fix on our own. Other ones, it’s only Him that can fight the battle. Only Him that can win the war.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to fight if I don’t have to. Why stress and worry, when I can cast all my cares on Him? He knows the outcome. Because He already prepared the way. He’s already in my tomorrow. What a freeing revelation….to know that it’s not up to me!

My recent prayers have been a lot of the same…..

“Jesus move. Please move in my life. Move in this situation. Move me Lord. Wherever I need to go, whatever you want me to do, help me to get there. Equip me with Your Spirit that I can run this race well. Help me to surrender Lord. I want to fully depend on You. Let me lean not on my own understanding, but in all my ways I want to acknowledge You. I want to serve You well. Help me be the wife, the mother, the daughter, the sister, the friend, the neighbor, the person you’ve called me to be. Lord move in every area of my life. In my weakness, show yourself strong.”

Maybe you’re in a situation thats bigger than yourself. You’ve tried on your own, only to come up empty handed. That’s ok. It’s actually a good place to be. The Lord is never empty handed. Never confused or looking for answers. He is your answer. He is the ultimate source of peace, hope, and joy in a chaotic world. Look to Him. Ask Him to move in your life. Let go of whatever keeps holding you back and allow The Lord to work it out. His never ending supply is more than enough!