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Just Like My Dad


The other day I was talking with someone and they told me that I reminded them of my mom. This is a common statement that I hear. Definitely not one that would take me by surprise. However, I have never been told that I look like my dad. This is probably because I don’t. But I would like to think that I inherited some of his other qualities of equal or greater importance. I could list a bunch of his characteristics, but here are a few….. My dad is the hardest working person I know. He is full of integrity, humility, and he’s a man of his word. But most importantly, he has always been a great example of Jesus. I am blessed to call him my dad.

I am also blessed to have a relationship with my Heavenly Father. You see, He loved me when I wasn’t so lovely. He wanted me when I was least want-able (is that a word?!). The Bible says that He adopted us, grafted us into His family. He looks beyond my inadequacy. He looks past my fear. He’s not focused on my everyday failures, but He is looking into my future. He sees what I CAN be. That type of love is empowering and enabling. It equips us to overcome and live beyond our flesh. What an awesome dad. What an awesome love.

I pray that I carry the qualities of my Father everywhere I go. That I would be such an imitator of Christ, that those around me would say, “you remind me of Jesus”. It’s so easy in this world to aim low. To lessen our expectations and to become content with where we are. We become so focused on our inability that we are blind to His ability. As Christians, we are called to be like Christ. To carry Him with us everywhere we go. And though we may never be perfect, our target is Jesus. His mercies are new every morning. If you’ve had a bad day today, tomorrow is a fresh start.

Maybe you didn’t grow up with the “ideal” father. Or maybe you grew up without a father at all. Either way, there is a Heavenly Father that wants you. Just the way you are. He’s everything you are looking for and everything you need. He is the definition of love. And He can be more of a Father to you in a second, than any man on this earth could be in a lifetime. My prayer is that you’ll look no further, but surrender to your Heavenly Father. If you feel broken, alone, afraid…He knows. If you have been rejected, abused, or abandoned….He truly understands. And He’s waiting for you to give it all to Him. He died so that you could be free. What an awesome dad. What an awesome love.

…..I hope to be just like my dad someday (both Heavenly and earthly ?).