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Shut The Front Door


It is a normal evening at home. A night like every other. The kids are playing (and fighting), dinner is cooking, and all is right in the world. There is a knock at the front door. As you rush to see who’s there, you are surprised to find an unwanted intruder. There is thief standing there, demanding that you let him in. He is armed and looks pretty dangerous. Being the cautious person that you are, you open the door and invite him in.

Hard to believe, right? Who would willingly welcome someone in that was there to do them harm. Someone that would steal from you, hurt you, and possibly the ones you love. An enemy with the ultimate goal of destruction and possibly death. No one in their right mind would do such a thing. Yet, every day we do. And this enemy doesn’t come knocking on our door dressed as a burglar. He shows up at the door of our hearts and minds, constantly demanding that we let him in. This enemy that I’m speaking of comes dressed as jealousy, anger, fear, unbelief, unforgivness, insecurity, self hatred, and a million other disguises. And he knows exactly what doors are left unlocked and when your security system is down.

The Bible tells us that satan goes around like a roaring lion, seeking who he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). That same verse also tells us to be alert and of a sober mind so that we can be on guard. Now this does not mean that we should fear, but we should secure the premises so that he cannot gain access. I can be the first to admit, I have not always guarded my heart against the devil. Through some situations I found myself in, it was like I gave him the key to my front door. The welcome mat was out and he had a standing invitation. Once he was in, the enemy made his presence known and he was hard to get rid of. Can any of you relate?

The good news is…..if you are a believer, you have authority over the enemy. The Spirit of God inside of you is greater than the spirit of this world. You don’t have to accept the devil destroying your life or filling your heart and mind full of junk. Choose today to take your key back and shut the front door! Lock it and let him know that he is no longer welcome. And when he comes knocking again (because he will), remind him of the blood of Jesus. Remind him that your victory has already been won and paid in full. Remind him of his future. Because Jesus died to forgive our sins, but He also died to set us free. Choose to walk in that freedom today.

– Nichole