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Worship In The Waiting Room


Waiting rooms. I hate waiting rooms. Not the “room” itself, but all that it entails. You know….the anxiety, the nervousness, the worrisome feeling you get in your stomach. No part of that process is enjoyable or pleasant. Whether you are the patient or the family member, the period before the procedure is not for the faint of heart. And it can leave you searching for answers.

I, myself, have been the patient many times. I think it’s harder when you know what to expect. You’ve been down that road before and you know pain and discomfort are in your near future. But, it’s a process that is necessary, at times, to get to the other side. Sometimes life’s biggest testimonies and praise reports are often preceded by trials. It’s the wilderness before the promise land. The battle before the victory.

I’ll be honest and say, I don’t always understand why we have to go through these places. Hardship is not something most people volunteer for. However, I do know that seasons were I’ve been tested and tried, my faith has increased. My trust has deepened and I’ve learned to depend on The Lord. It’s like a plant…..Plants that have gone without water, deepen their roots in search of it. The roots go further into the ground looking for help. In today’s world, we are so self sufficient. Our daily lives often center around everything but The Father. If we are sick, we run to the doctor. If we have a problem, we quickly seek out a solution. If we are searching for an answer, we just google it. Instead of running to The Doctor. The Solution. The Answer. The Only Answer. Jesus.

So this time around, as I head into yet another waiting room, I find myself digging deeper. Searching beyond what man can offer me, believing that I serve a God who hears me when I call. Trusting in His unending supply of mercy and grace, that I need each and every day (sometimes minute by minute). Calling upon the Most High for a peace that passes my human understanding. I find myself in worship. I really do. Because my current condition is not an indicator of my future. Pain is not permanent. Where I am at today isn’t where I’ll be tomorrow. My breakthrough is hidden in my worship. And it’s pathway lies in my praise.

We serve an awesome and able God, who delights in His children. A God who looks forward to hearing from us. He is a good father. And I love Him. And I know as I wait, He waits with me. So, today, my roots are going deep. And I will not be easily moved.

  • Carmen Brown

    Amen and Amen!!

    • Nichole Wilson

      Thanks for reading!