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Lay Down the Lemons

Yellow colorful lemons on the bright cyan wooden table horizontal

Some days, life can feel like a crazy trust exercise.  You know, where you fall backwards in hopes that someone will catch you?  Somehow that is supposed to strengthen the relationship or group of participants involved.  As a mother, some days I do the falling while other days, I’m the catcher.  Either way, there is a whole lot of sweating going on.  Maybe it’s more mental than physical.  But never the less, it requires energy and patience that I don’t always have.

The past couple months in my life have really required me to examine myself and my faith.  Now, I feel like a pretty positive person….but, when life hands you more than one lemon and you’re not a fan of lemonade, what do you do?  What do you make instead?  Or maybe a better question is this:  When facing an uncertain situation or a difficult circumstance, do we run closer to God or further away?  Do we seek Him first and His wisdom or do we attempt to work it out on our own?  Do we trust that He will catch us when we fall?

I find myself constantly laying things down before the Lord.  Every day.  And it’s mostly myself and my twisted thinking.  Just like in Genesis 22, where God instructed Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac.  Abraham was able and willing to lay down the thing he loved the most because he knew God and he knew that He could be trusted.  He even says in verse 5:  “we will worship there and then we will come right back”.  Abraham trusted God enough, that if it meant giving up his son, he believed He would bring him back to life.  Talk about unwavering faith!

The closer I get to Jesus, the more I find I have to let go of and give to Him.  And it’s a good thing, because it’s the junk that hinders and holds me back.  It’s the little worries that steal my joy and rob me of my peace.  It’s the stuff we make big, but pale in comparison to eternity.

I don’t know about you, but I want my life to reflect Jesus.  I want to be a walking example of what He has to offer.  Whether I’m folding clothes or taking kids to practice, I want to represent Him well.  I want to be fully surrendered.  Whatever that looks like, whatever that requires, I’m all in.  Because I know who He is and that I can trust Him.  What is He asking you to surrender today?