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Happy Birthday Derek


Today is a special day.  It’s my brother in laws birthday.  And being the wonderful, smart, intelligent guy that he is, I figured what better way to celebrate than by writing a blog specifically for him.  You see, he likes to give me a hard time and usually will comment sarcastically about me and my blog.  If we are discussing a certain topic, he will reply saying, “why don’t you write about it?”.  Well today is that day and I am writing about him.  Simply, because I can.

Nine years ago, Derek became an official part of our family.  I say official because he was one of us long before their vows were said.  My husband and him grew up together and were great friends.  So when I met Josiah almost 17 years ago, I met Derek as well.  He quickly fit right in and we were thankful to get to know him.  From late nights watching movies to talks around the kitchen table, we became family.

Ever since I have know Derek, he has been a hard worker, yet humble.  Always behind the scenes and never looking for recognition, he serves faithfully in every area of his life.  I have always appreciated the love that he has for my sister, even at times when it is obvious and overboard.  He loves her well.  And it shows.

So, without dragging this out and making Derek feel awkward with a mushy post…..I want to simply say, Happy Birthday!  I pray God’s richest blessings over you and want you to know how thankful we are to call you family.  We love you!

P.S.:  Consider this your gift : )