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Pray, Read, Repeat


Lately, it’s hard to watch tv or log into Facebook without seeing something about the election.  Opinions are plastered on every page and communities are divided over the issues.  But, regardless if you are blue or red, we can all agree that this has been one of the most outrageous and shocking elections ever.  Never has there been more at stake.  And depending on the outcome tomorrow, our nation may never be the same again.

I don’t post my beliefs to argue or stir up trouble; however I am thankful for our freedom to speak freely and voice the Word of God.  For weeks now, my prayer has been Psalm 68:1, “Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered”.  We can talk all day about who we want to become the next President and our stance on each issue, but what we each need to ask ourselves is this;  what does God say about it?  What does the Bible say about the issue?  Because, as believers, that should be the final say so.  Our hearts can be deceiving.  Our thoughts can cause us to reason ourselves away from the truth.  Our flesh blinds us to sin.  And that is why our nation is in the mess it’s in.

As important as this election is, it will not save us.  The person that occupies the White House does not determine our future.  Yes, much is affected by their choices, but ultimately, God is in control.  And while I am praying over our country and asking God to have mercy on us, I will continue to do so the day after tomorrow.  I will choose to trust in the Lord, even if the election doesn’t go my way.  I will still wake up knowing God is good and I will lay my head down at night believing that He has never changed.  We may need more grace and wisdom to discern the days ahead, but God is faithful in every season.

So, tomorrow I will exercise my right to vote.  And tonight I will pray……

   God, may you arise and every enemy be scattered.  Let corruption be exposed and our eyes opened to the truth.  Let us have the ear to hear what Your Spirit is saying and every other voice be silenced.  I am asking for fresh revelation of who You are and how much we need You.  Not just to fix our current situation, but every minute of every hour of every day.  Lord, let everything that’s done in the dark be brought to the light.  That you would expose the works of the enemy.  Forgive us forsaking the unborn.  Forgive us for being lukewarm and lazy.  Forgive us for taking prayer out of the schools and placing your Word on the shelf.  I humbly repent for being the problem.  For allowing things to get this far.  God, I ask for forgiveness and that you would have mercy on the United States of America.  I thank you that you remain on the throne.  Nothing takes you by surprise, for you have the world in your hands.  I pray for boldness in the face of the enemy and that regardless of the election results, that the name of Jesus be lifted high.  God, I’m asking for revival and a harvest of souls.  And Lord, I pray you start it with me.  Amen.