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Spiritual Therapy


Recently, I started going to physical therapy for my hip and leg.  A while back, I began having some issues that didn’t seem to go away on their own.  At home, I stretched, applied heat, and used a foam roller; all  with little success.  After the pain began to increase and my mobility was affected, I knew it was time to seek outside help.  Upon going to my first session, it was discovered that the actual source of my pain stemmed from a totally different issue.  And it’s one that began months ago before I had the symptoms to prove it.  Without treatment, it would only progress and begin to affect other parts of my body.  Without pinpointing the culprit, my recovery would be postponed and my healing would be delayed.  Thankfully, after recognizing the problem and taking measures to uproot it, my pain has lessened and I’m hopeful that my complete recovery is near.

I know I often compare our spiritual walk with earthly, every day occurrences.  But, for me, that’s how I learn.  I believe God wants to speak to us in the still, small moments of life.  Whether we are folding laundry or going to physical therapy, there are lessons to be learned.  God wants to talk to us.  The question is, do we have the ear to hear?

              “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”    John 10:27

After dealing with the pain in my leg, I couldn’t help but notice the spiritual similarities it carried.  So often, we treat our “symptoms” without ever addressing the root cause.  Hurts from the past become buried and are often too painful to deal with.  We medicate ourselves on a surface level through relationships, material things, family, jobs, etc.  But without searching for the “why” behind it all, we remain unchanged and in pain.  What may present itself as anger, could possibly stem from past rejection or abuse.  Jealousy may just be a symptom of deep insecurity and fear.  What if those traits are just indicators of an inward struggle?  All of the stretching and ibuprofen in the world, can’t cure what has remained unidentified.  We must go to the source.  And what we think is the problem, may not be the problem at all.

One of the many things I love about the Lord is the fact that He wants to help us.  He doesn’t expect us to be perfect or to change overnight.  In fact, we were created to be dependent on Him and His strength.  That in our time of weakness or even healing, we can tap into all that He has to offer.  We can freely approach Him and ask for help.  And when we allow God to shine His light over our hearts, we can then see those areas that are broken.  He can illuminate even the darkest places.  His love can restore the deepest of wounds.  His peace can correct what was injured.  When we fully surrender and lay ourselves down at the feet of Jesus, true transformation begins.  We gain so much when we decide to let go.