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Birthing the Promise


This morning, as I sat down with my Bible and my coffee, the Lord began to speak.  And it was one of those moments where I didn’t question it, but rather just embraced it.  It was clear and wonderful as usual, yet humbling at the same time.  The year 2018 has quickly become the year of expectancy, as God is stirring the hearts of His people again.  There is such a strong sense of His presence and all that is to come, and with that comes an urgency to prepare our hearts to receive it.  To notice Him and His voice.  And to fully surrender our lives to Him.

For years, we have prayed for revival, asking God for another great move of His Spirit.  Not chasing signs and wonders (though they will follow), just seeking an encounter with Almighty God.  To see Him in such an undeniable way that we are forever changed, and so are the generations to come.  This morning, I couldn’t help but to think about this in terms of pregnancy and child birth.  That may sound strange to some, but I urge you to stick with me here.  There are too many similarities to list, but I’ll start with this.  Just as a women who experiences early contractions or prelabor, the body of Christ is experiencing the same thing.  God is quickly shifting and preparing us for what is to come.  And for what is here now.  The promise that we have carried is near arrival and the time has come for us to get in the proper position for delivery.  We are feeling pressure that we’ve never felt before.  We are experiencing change at what seems like a rapid rate.  God is accelerating the process because the harvest is ready.  The question is, are we?

During pregnancy, women and even animals enter what is called “the nesting phase”.  This is the overwhelming sense and urgency to get the house in order before the child arrives.  Hormones play a key role in this, as they signal that the time is near.  Even animals begin to prepare for the arrival of their offspring by finding a safe space to deliver, building up actual nests and fences to protect it after birth.  The same hormone that is responsible for this behavior, also produces contractions when the proper time comes.  What an amazing and creative God!  Even biology and science are subject to His Word.  And just as we see the cycle of life in the natural, we see it unfold in the spiritual.  God is preparing a people who can be trusted with His glory.  He is searching for hearts that will not only help birth revival, but protect it.  And as the Holy Spirit urges us to prepare ourselves, He will also encourage us to push through the pain to see the awesome gift that is in store.

My prayer is simply this:  help me to be ready Lord.  That I would lay down every weight and distraction, so that I can seek you with my whole heart.  Let nothing that I do or say be of my flesh, but that I would be fully in tune with your heart and your spirit.  And that the hunger that I have would only intensify.  Let me not be satisfied with status quo or anything that the world has to offer.  But I pray for daily glimpses of your glory.  Let not my will be done, but Yours on this Earth as it is in Heaven.  Let your Kingdom come down and invade my schedule and let it tear down every preconceived idea I have.  Break every wrong thought or lie that I have bought into.  I want to see you for who you really are. Perfect your love in me.  Today, I make the choice to remove the box that I’ve placed You in.  I put you back on the throne of my heart as my first love.  Forgive me for being unthankful, quiet when I should’ve been loud, speaking when I should have remained silent, taking your presence for granted, and for being lukewarm.  This earth will pass away, but your Kingdom is forever.  Help me to not only finish this race, but to finish it well.  Let our children see the greatness of your glory.  Let them go further and do greater things than any of us can imagine.  And more than anything, let the name of Jesus be lifted up higher and louder than ever before.  That we would boldly proclaim your goodness and be unashamed of the gospel.  And let it start with me Lord.  Let it be today.