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Unwelcome Visitors


This past week has been a very educational and eye opening experience for me.  After being in Atlanta for 3 days, I returned home Friday morning to a mouse in our house.  And after cleaning and examining our home the rest of the day, we then determined that our single mouse friend possibly brought his buddies with him.  Now being a city girl, this has had me completely disgusted and anxious.  From washing legos in the bathtub to mounds of laundry that have been washed, our home has seen better days.  The mouse (or mice) certainly...

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Spiritual Therapy


Recently, I started going to physical therapy for my hip and leg.  A while back, I began having some issues that didn't seem to go away on their own.  At home, I stretched, applied heat, and used a foam roller; all  with little success.  After the pain began to increase and my mobility was affected, I knew it was time to seek outside help.  Upon going to my first session, it was discovered that the actual source of my pain stemmed from a totally different issue.  And it's one that began months ago before I had the...

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Let us Pray


I'm really unsure of how to begin today's post, so I will just dive right into what's on my heart.  Over the past 48 hours, I have been extremely sad over the condition of our nation.  I am relieved that election season is over and I'll be honest; I am thankful for the outcome of the votes.  In the days and weeks prior to Election Day, I have prayed like never before and felt such an urgency to intercede for our country.  I truly believe that God intervened on our behalf and for that, my...

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Pray, Read, Repeat


Lately, it's hard to watch tv or log into Facebook without seeing something about the election.  Opinions are plastered on every page and communities are divided over the issues.  But, regardless if you are blue or red, we can all agree that this has been one of the most outrageous and shocking elections ever.  Never has there been more at stake.  And depending on the outcome tomorrow, our nation may never be the same again. I don't post my beliefs to argue or stir up trouble; however I am thankful for our freedom to speak freely and...

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