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Driving in the Rain


Recently, I was driving in my car and it began to rain. The further I got towards my destination, the heavier the rain began to fall. Soon I was unable to see the road ahead as I gripped the steering wheel. Even though I was driving, I no longer felt in control. And I anxiously waited for the storm to pass. Life can be the same way. A beautiful, sunny day can quickly fill up with dark clouds and thunder. Lighting strikes and the rain begins to pour. Out of no where we are left afraid...

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Shut The Front Door


It is a normal evening at home. A night like every other. The kids are playing (and fighting), dinner is cooking, and all is right in the world. There is a knock at the front door. As you rush to see who's there, you are surprised to find an unwanted intruder. There is thief standing there, demanding that you let him in. He is armed and looks pretty dangerous. Being the cautious person that you are, you open the door and invite him in. Hard to believe, right? Who would willingly welcome someone in that was...

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Who do you think you are?


"Who do you think you are?". Have you ever heard those ugly words in your head? That phrase that comes attacking, accusing, and leaving you without an answer. It is a simple statement that packs quite a punch. One quick jab with these words and I'm down for the count. This was my week. Have you ever been there? My list of insecurities and doubts about myself do not usually require any additional help. On a good week, a mom can struggle with a multitude of worries and fears. But, sometimes when you feel your weakest,...

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