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Pass the Patience Please


Do any of you have a child that really tests your patience and who you are as a person?  You know the kind I am referring to.  Loud, rambunctious, needy, emotional, dramatic; these are just a few of their adorable qualities, I'm sure of which comes from the father's side of the family.  Both of my children are as unique as they are alike.  And each of them know how to push my buttons...

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Running for the Gold


Running.  I hate running.  I love the idea of it and think it's a great form of exercise, but I loathe actually doing it.  For me, it feels like torture.  A couple years ago, I decided I was going to attempt to make this a daily activity of mine, so I bought some new shoes and downloaded some music to keep me occupied.  And I started slow.  I knew this was something I would have to work up to because I had never ran for more than thirty seconds at a time in my life....

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