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Listen for the Rattle


This was not on today's list of things to do.  I have about twenty other tasks to accomplish today, but as I was reading this morning, I felt compelled to write it down and share.  This past weekend, we had a wonderful speaker, Diane Mullins, at our church who shared a powerful message on healing and wholeness.  Without rehashing the entire sermon, I'll jump right into the point that has stuck with me for days...

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The Gate of Praise


Have you ever wondered how pearls are formed?  They are created through an outside irritant that somehow gets inside of the oyster, like a parasite or a grain of sand.  As a defense mechanism, the oyster begins coating the intruder with a layer of protection known as "nacre".  Through this process, a pearl is born.  Real pearls are rough in texture and found in the deepest of waters.  It's pretty amazing that because of irritation and conflict, a beautiful pearl is born. It is no coincidence that the Bible pairs a pearl with praise.  In Revelation 21:21,...

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Unwelcome Visitors


This past week has been a very educational and eye opening experience for me.  After being in Atlanta for 3 days, I returned home Friday morning to a mouse in our house.  And after cleaning and examining our home the rest of the day, we then determined that our single mouse friend possibly brought his buddies with him.  Now being a city girl, this has had me completely disgusted and anxious.  From washing legos in the bathtub to mounds of laundry that have been washed, our home has seen better days.  The mouse (or mice) certainly...

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Dress For Success


The Lord never ceases to amaze me.  Last week, a particular verse was on my heart, as our family has been dealing with some difficult situations.  As I prepared to post todays blog, I discovered that the same verse was the theme in our church's devotional.  Coincidence?  I think not.  But God? I think yes.  Because I believe that's the kind of God He is.  He wants to be found.  He desires to be with us and to help in our time of need.  And He is strong, even when we are not. "To console those...

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