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Birthing the Promise

  This morning, as I sat down with my Bible and my coffee, the Lord began to speak.  And it was one of those moments where I didn't question it, but rather just embraced it.  It was clear and wonderful as usual, yet humbling at the same time.  The year 2018 has quickly become the year of expectancy, as God is stirring the hearts of His people again.  There is such a strong sense of His presence and all that is to come, and with that comes an urgency to prepare our hearts to receive it....

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The Gate of Praise


Have you ever wondered how pearls are formed?  They are created through an outside irritant that somehow gets inside of the oyster, like a parasite or a grain of sand.  As a defense mechanism, the oyster begins coating the intruder with a layer of protection known as "nacre".  Through this process, a pearl is born.  Real pearls are rough in texture and found in the deepest of waters.  It's pretty amazing that because of irritation and conflict, a beautiful pearl is born. It is no coincidence that the Bible pairs a pearl with praise.  In Revelation 21:21,...

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Unwelcome Visitors


This past week has been a very educational and eye opening experience for me.  After being in Atlanta for 3 days, I returned home Friday morning to a mouse in our house.  And after cleaning and examining our home the rest of the day, we then determined that our single mouse friend possibly brought his buddies with him.  Now being a city girl, this has had me completely disgusted and anxious.  From washing legos in the bathtub to mounds of laundry that have been washed, our home has seen better days.  The mouse (or mice) certainly...

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How Big Is Your God?


This year, our church has had somewhat of a theme or a distinct purpose.  And that is, to make God big.  Now, you may be wondering; if He's God, isn't He already big?  Or why would God need help with that?  Both are great questions, but our mission statement isn't to discredit our creator or minimize His power.  It's actually putting our faith on the stand.  When push comes to shove, what does my life say about my God?  Do my actions (and better yet, my attitude) back up what I believe?  Do I act like...

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