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Family Matters

Today, I was running errands before picking up the kids from school.  I had just a couple minutes to spare, so I darted in the grocery to grab a couple of things.  Upon leaving, I felt panicked as I could not find my car keys.  I stopped at the door, holding my bags, and began to search my purse.  Nothing….they were gone.  I was now feeling anxious, since I will probably be late to school.  As I started to head back to the register to see if I laid them down, I felt something in my hand.  It was my keys.  I had them the whole time.

This story is just my latest example of “mom brain”.  I can recall searching for my glasses while wearing them.  I have looked through drawers, accusing my husband of not putting things in the correct spot, only to see the utensil I needed staring me in the face.  It’s quite sad.  But, I have a feeling that I’m not alone.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a mom who didn’t feel a little scattered or slightly crazy.  Often juggling multiple tasks, sometimes the details get skipped and we are simply surviving.  And that’s ok.  Survival is important.

I believe, in todays world, our job as parents is extremely important.  It always has been, but now we are faced with problems the generations before us would be shocked to see.  Instead of worrying about math homework and grass stains, our children are introduced to grown up conversations at young ages.  You can’t watch television without having to skip over an inappropriate commercial.   We have a nation that is divided.  Our homes are torn apart.  Our children are in the middle of it all.  And they notice more than we think.

I recently read a statement that said the most important thing you could do, is to go home and love your family.  I believe that is one hundred percent true.  But on the other hand, without the love of Christ, our love won’t be enough.  It won’t get the job done.  Because our love is often based on emotions and expectations.  Even with those closest to us, we need God’s love to be the center of all that we do.  His love is patient.  Ours fails.  His love is not jealous.  Ours struggles sometimes.  His love isn’t selfish.  Sometimes ours is.

What this nation needs (myself included) is a revelation of Jesus Christ and His love.  Our hope is not in the government or the person in the White House; because this is not our home.  Our true identity and security is through Jesus Christ alone.  And no matter how unstable the current world looks, He has not changed.  He is never taken by surprise.  We can rest, knowing that our future is in His hands.  And even if the world grows a bit darker, His light will continue to shine.  That’s what our kids need to see.  My prayer is that we unite as families and as the body of Christ.  That we join hands in prayer and fall on our knees in repentance.  That the Word of God would take priority in our homes and that His love would open our eyes to our true condition.  We weren’t made to go it alone.  We were created to need a Savior.  And He is just a prayer away.